About NPM Group

NPM Group is a modern Russian Novosibirsk-based company with the newest manufacturing unit at its disposal. The company produces equipment for dispensing beer, carbonated beverages, pure water and milk. NPM Group is an innovative enterprise that introduces results its intellectual engineering into mass production. Currently, most products manufactured by NPM Group bear a unique character both to Russia and around the world.

There are two large units in the company structure. One of them makes all NPM Group products, develops and introduces into production new solutions, promotes company products at Russian market and markets of neighboring countries.

The second unit, the manager of which is Sergey Chirva, is responsible for company products promotion overseas. This promotion is a strategic focus area for us. Potentials of foreign markets are huge and it is possible to replicate successful sale of PEGAS products and new products at Russian market in dozens of other countries.

One more task of this department is to protect company’s intellectual property at international markets.




NPM Group plant comprises the manufacturing unit situated on the bank of one of the river Ob’ side streams, modern office and industrial facilities, a car park with the capacity of 100 autos. The premises are energized by an autonomous gas boiler house and a mini-thermoelectric power station. Workplaces are equipped with modern close control machinery of Italian and German origin, which ensures high levels of performance at every stage of production from cutting and bending metal to final assembling.



NPM Group cherishes its non-formalized company-inspiring principles that distinguish it from any other enterprise. These principles guide key- and routine decision-making processes in the company, and every member of the staff (no matter what position they occupy), realizes being involved.


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