NPM Group plant comprises the manufacturing unit situated on the bank of one of the river Ob' side streams, modern office and industrial facilities, a car park with the capacity of 100 autos. The premises are energized by an autonomous gas boiler house and a mini-thermoelectric power station. Workplaces are equipped with modern close control machinery of Italian and German origin, which ensures high levels of performance at every stage of production from cutting and bending metal to final assembling.

The office and the manufacturing unit allow controlling production cycle at all of its stages without involving external contractors. In-house production, professional engineering staff and a modern approach towards management have made our team a recognized leader in the field with the account of quality and speed of manufacturing products.

  • Over 200,000 manufactured items per year;
  • An Engineering Department (10 persons);
  • Around 63 pioneer engineering developments patented in the sphere of beverage dispensing;
  • Metalworking and assembly units (6,000 m2);
  • Advanced CNC machinery: laser-beam cutting, bending and milling;
  • Modern storage facilities;
  • Four-storied office premises (6,000 m2);
  • Over 70 dealers worldwide.

Environmental sustainability

We realize what a great damage the industry has already caused to the Planet. We, therefore, think that every industrial enterprise should cater not only for its commercial success, but also for ways of ceasing the negative impact of industry on environment. When building the plant, we designed our manufacturing units in such a manner that they would cause no harm to nature. All technical processes that take place at the plant today comply with the standards that limit CO2 and NO emission.

Power equipment installed at the plant operates by pollution-free gas processing. The equipment is secured with over 200 types of emergency protection mechanisms, which makes daily exploitation safe and prevents serious emergency situations.

Having thought of environment globally, we also pay attention to nature on the local level. The plant is located in the industrial zone of Novosibirsk. When the construction of the plant began, its site was not simply abandoned land, but resembled a garbage dump.

We organized cleanup days to take tons of trash away from the territory; we cleared the riverside, we planted green lawns and soft-wood trees. The plant today is a clean and modern manufacturing unit that keeps up with the best European traditions.

  • Before

  • Now


Energy Efficiency

While building the new plant, we implemented an action plan to be energy-efficient:

  • Modern heat insulation materials ensure low levels of heat loss;
  • Weather-adapted controls of temperatures in heat-transfer media allow for automatic correction of additional heating in premises;
  • Electric energy is supplied to the enterprise by energy-efficient turbine-engine power generating sets of the autonomous mini-thermoelectric power station;
  • Gases that have produced electric energy are re-used. While decorporated from the production cycle, they provide heating to all the necessary amounts of hot water and are partly used for heating the premises;
  • While bringing the exhaust air out of premises, special ventilation equipment transmits the accumulated heat to the intake air, lowering the costs of thermal energy;
  • Infrared heating systems save resources when heating high-ceiling premises. The systems ensure that it is items that are heated, not the air – hence, most comfortable temperatures are allocated to the lower working zone;
  • Adjustable levels of luminaire efficiency lower consumption of electric energy during daylight hours.


Focus on innovations is the key concept of our company.

We invented new products and put them into mass production in the times when nobody believed this could be possible. The strategy of moving against the odds of the general market proved successful back in the day. Having made a good start within an extremely difficult economic situation, the company grew even stronger in its aspiration for inventing new products and putting them into life.

Our goal is to create goods that would have a potential for developing new markets and business prospects. In search of spheres of application to the innovative potential, we conduct thorough market research, eventually finding these spheres. Most of the products we have created are unique both to Russia and throughout the world.

Innovativeness means more than engineering to us; it is a set of values that influences the general principles of the organizational management. From building a new manufacturing plant to matters of corporate engagement and interaction – we try to enjoy the best our time can offer and, consequently, move the time actively ahead.

Aspiration for Development

People who are open to personal progress and want to improve something in the current state of affairs bring maximum feedback in any business. No matter how comfortable they feel now, they are ready to allocate significant resources to make tomorrow even a better day.

This aspiration may take various shapes: it stimulates inventions that correspond to the newly appeared realities, or takes personal communications to a new level, making them more comfortable and productive.

Our task is to support motivation and engagement of our staff towards progress. Every new phase they reach opens a new perspective to them and to the work they are involved into. We may only encourage this by creating a general atmosphere of advancement.


The plant manufactures entire lines of products oriented towards the foreign markets. We keep daily contact with our partners from various countries and continents.

The company's decision to go international was sudden: we understood that we were capable not only of producing goods to satisfy needs of our foreign partners, but we had been already manufacturing equipment unique to the international market.

Recognition of our potential shaped both the business and our approach to it: we realized that we were capable of doing much if we apprehended the needs of our partners and followed the latest developments in the field.

The first step was to have courage and reach beyond one’s limits.

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