NPM Group cherishes its non-formalized company-inspiring principles that distinguish it from any other enterprise. These principles guide key- and routine decision-making processes in the company, and every member of the staff (no matter what position they occupy), realizes being involved.

The overall aim of the company is to make innovative business decisions offering highest quality and services at prices fair to the market. The values have been shaped through years and were carefully chosen exactly because they encouraged pursuing the goal.


Innovations is what really inspires us!

We create products that are revolutionary to the market. We do not aim at denuding market segments from competitors — we establish new markets upon our own rules:

PEGAS gave people an opportunity to develop mini-breweries and shops that specialize in draught beers;

MilkBox — an opportunity to receive milk directly from the farm.

Still, our achievements do not hold our work up — every second year we novelize product lines we manufacture. We are constantly searching, doubting, make mistakes and invent — finally, we come to the revelations that help people.

Quality as the Main Tool for Customer Centricity

We find it very important to make sure customers are satisfied with the quality of products we manufacture. When purchasing supplies or equipment, we always estimate the way new decisions will influence end-quality of our goods.

We always eagerly discuss our products with clients. If the need to modernize or improve customer qualities of our devices emerges as a result of the dialogue with customers, such improvements are promptly designed by our engineering department and are put into batch production.

We are thankful to our clients for being involved into our products and are happy to meet their expectations.

Ambitious Staff

We find it very important that every member of the staff understands how valuable their opinion is to the company. We encourage and implement individual initiatives that are meant to improve work of a particular department, of the company in general, or provide input into advancing the overall corporate synergy. The company has actually been formed on a number of such initiatives. Even now we are an organism that matures and develops, and we are thankful to the staff members for their effort in improving our company.

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