Krugel's Georgetown Deli Adds PEGAS CrafTap Growler Fill Station

Great news for local NEPA Craft Beer Lovers coming out of Krugel’s Georgetown Deli today. Joe & Kevin have installed a PEGAS CrafTap growler fill station.  Details from Krugel’s Georgetown Deli & video showing the Pegasus in action below.

The PEGAS CrafTap uses the same operating principles found in large bottling factories around the world, the counter-pressure method.  This method ensure the growlers are filled at a rate of 64 oz in 60 seconds. The filler starts out by filling the growler with CO2 and removing the air, this step will help keep the beer fresher and once the growler is sealed the beer in the growler can be stored properly and last weeks (even months) before opening and the beer will still be fresh and have the proper CO2. Although once the growler is opened the beer should be consumed within a day or so depending on the growler style (cap/lid type).

The PEGAS CrafTap fills the growler from the bottom up, actually eliminating foam, and therefore eliminating waste.  Can fill various sizes of bottles: 1 gallon, 64 oz, 32 oz growlers; 22 oz bombers and 12 oz bottles.

This filler will allow people to purchase growler fills several weeks ahead of when the need or want to actually drink the beer.  This will allow a consumer to get a growler fill of a beer we have on tap now, but they don’t want to miss out on the beer if the keg kicks. This is going to work well with rare and very limited seasonal beers. Buy now and have the beer for when you actually want to drink it.

We have six different taps set up for fills and plan on keeping the kegs rotating at a rather quick pace to ensure a constant diverse selection of beers.

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