PEGAS NovoTap 2.0: reboot

Let us present PEGAS NovoTap 2.0, which is absolutely different from the previous NovoTap versions!

  • Enhanced bottle holder mechanism

Metal inserts are attached to the system. Such inserts hold the fastening mechanism and do not rotate. There is no load on the screw that ensures great device reliability.

  • New packing

We switched from a blister pack to the separate for each device PE foam block. Such type of packing is quite convenient for shipment.


  • Advanced quality control

Every PEGAS NovoTap 2.0 is examined and tested in a manual way

  • Very attractive price

Streamlined and reliable PEGAS NovoTap has become more accessible!

Our clients from different countries have already appreciated PEGAS NovoTap advantages:

Growler station (USA):

- We think that an attractive price, ease of operation and little space required for a device installation are the main advantages of PEGAS NovoTap 2.0.

More and more companies on the USA beer market are starting to sell beer in PET-bottles, that is why PEGAS NovoTap is as relevant as ever. One can connect PEGAS NovoTap and CrafTap to one and the same keg and offer both growler and plastic bottle beer according to the client's desire.

PEGAS NovoTap 2.0 is extremely good for breweries, which can't allow spending much money on buying equipment. When buying this only device they can immediately start selling takeaway beer.

Stella Beer to Go (Croatia):

For the second year in a row we use Pegas NovoTap. 8 taps at two locations and can proudly say that we are the pioneers of this business in Croatia and possibly the wider region. NovoTap equipment is unique and very easy to use and gives us the ability to offer our customers every day more fresh craft beer , as they recognize so that we are becoming popular destination for lovers of good and real beer. 


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