Brasil Brau: Craft Beer Market Growing With PEGAS!

July 15-17, Sao Paulo (Brazil) hosted the international brewing technologies exhibition – Brasil Brau. PEGAS products were displayed at the joint stand of NPM Group with its official dealer, WE Consultoria company.

The exhibition had the latest sector products and services as well as variety of beer from all over the world.

Brazilian market of craft beer is growing rapidly. According to the experts, the country already has more than 400 micro-breweries. Moreover, Brazil is the third largest beer producer in the world and the sales of special beer brands have been annually growing by 15% at average over the past few years.

Sergey Chirva, global sales director of NPM Group:

- We already participated in the Brazilian exhibition two years ago and figured out that local market was full of prospects. It was there where we found a reliable partner, who then became the official dealer of PEGAS – WE Consultoria company.

Local brewers highly appreciated PEGAS CrafTap (the device used to pour beer into glass containers) but at the same time a lot of people got very excited about opening draft beer stores as they believe it to be very promising.

At the NPM Group and WE Consultoria stand, visitors had a chance to personally try out PEGAS devices dispensing into PET. Many a man was surprised with how easy and quick it is to dispense beer.

“Just a while ago Brazil was mainly selling bottle beer and draft beer was not that common. The beer market of this country doesn’t have any devices similar to PEGAS ones, beer used to be dispensed through a regular tap and that was inconvenient and took too long. But this year we’ve already noted significant growth of the craft beer market”.

“Much prominence was given to PET package. Local beer market experts are concerned that PET starts leaking air on long storage. We explained that plastic package is a very convenient and inexpensive way to take your beverage home or to your holiday destination. Quality of PET has been constantly improving and today’s package is way better at preserving beer qualities” said Sergey Chirva, - “I believe that Brasil Brau was very successful for us. Brazilian beer market has a great potential. Together with WE Consultoria we’re planning to open a draft beer store in the city of Porto Alegre”.

Leandro Emmel, WE Consultoria Director -

Brasil Brau is an important event for the Brazilian beer market. That’s an event which helps us to strengthen our relationships with the clients, where we present new products and trends (for example, it was PEGAS this year) and perspectives for new entrepreneurs, who want to invest into a beer business.

This year we made our exhibition space 50% bigger to have more room to demonstrate product line that we represent in Brazil. It’s clear that PEGAS products were recognized and attracted a lot of attention. We believe that more and more clients will start using PEGAS system after Brasil Brau 2015.
Thanks to personal presence of Sergey Chirva, we had a chance to visit some end customers of PEGAS CrafTap system in Sao Paulo and get feedback right at the beer selling place.

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