PEGAS International Partner Conference was held in Novosibirsk

The NPM Group plant in Novosibirsk hosted the four days International Partner Conference which was visited by 18 participants from 12 countries of the world, from the Argentine to Australia.

The NPM International team prepared a truly fascinating and varied program for all the participants. The conference opened with the history of the PEGAS brand creation and presentation of the NPM Group business profile. The introduction was followed with a detailed tour through production shops where the guests could personally witness all the stages of the manufacturing processes, state of the art equipment and got to know our highly qualified design engineering department that turns the boldest inventions, unique both in Russia and in the whole world, into reality.

The second day of the conference was dedicated to the presentation of our new products: Pegas Evolution, Pegas Evolution Duo, Pegas Electron for dispensing into PET and Pegas CrafTap 3.0 for dispensing into glass bottles. All these devices are designed for fast foam-free dispensing of carbonated drinks, including beer. Also, a drink completely preserves its original taste and avoids degassing as it happens when regular taps are used. “Your dispensing products is a great mean to promote one’s own microbrewery products in stores, bars and beer restaurants” – noted one and all conference participants. The new Pegas CrafTap 3.0 has justly received a particular attention of the guests. Design and operability of the Pegas CrafTap significantly improves with every new development. The process of beer dispensing through CrafTap attracts a lot of attention and triggers positive emotions among customers. The use of this device can become the key concept in promotion of the best and expensive craft beer brands.

The next day of the conference was also busy: sight-seeing tour through the historical center of Novosibirsk, visit to AcademGorodok (science campus) and the museum of steam trains, and in the evening our partners were kiddingly initiated into Siberians with such activities as taking Russian baths, dumpling making and tasting of various fruit liquors accompanied with Russian folk songs.

The final fourth day of the conference was held in the working environment. In the morning all the participants were offered to take over a place at the PEGAS Evolution assembly line. Everybody enthusiastically sprang into action and fulfilled the assembly quota within an hour. All process participants learned by their experience that the product assembly process is well-coordinated and the quality of all PEGAS products is examined very thoroughly. After the hands-on exercises, there was a presentation in the conference hall made by Nikolay Zhelagin, the owner of 9 draft beer stores in Moscow and Novosibirsk. His largest store counts 70 draft beer taps and about 500 bottles kept on the store shelves. Nikolay has been working with our company for many years and uses the whole range of our products in his stores. The guests asked him many questions about establishing business in Russia, product shipment and storage. The conference was rounded with the discussion of different tools to support our current and potential customers.

Summing up this large-scale in all senses event, we can say that it exceeded all the expectations, both ours and our partners’. Full-blast and real-life communication gave us a chance to understand the desires of our customers and more precisely determine their demands. And they, in their turn, could see the innovative production, recent developments that weren’t presented to the public at large, communicate and address the current matters of their business. Our guests personally experienced the far-away Siberia, its amazing nature and could understand the enigmatic Russian soul. A lot of them promised to surely come back next year and it was the best recognition of our efforts and the properly chosen conference topics which were interesting and useful for all the participants.

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