PEGAS dispenses beer in Germany

VP TRADING GMBH, a dealer of PEGAS, has launched a network of beer shops in Germany with 17 shops already set up in North Rhine-Westphalia, Hessen, Bavaria and another one to be opened in Berlin.

Mr. Vitaliy Pushkarevich, director of VP TRADING GMBH:

"Organizing beer stations for people who originally come from Russia and CIS countries (the so-called "Russian" shops) is a new niche for us. In these shops we dispense beer into PET containers.

Russian-speaking population is familiar with this type of beer dispensing and has no prejudice against it. When dispensing of beer is done in the shops into PET bottles, the latter are not perceived as containers for long-term storage. They are a temporary package to be used for transporting beer home and for keeping beer stored in the fridge for one or two days before finally consumed. For the timeframe specified, PET bottles will in a perfect manner preserve all primary characteristics of the beer.

Launching of beer stations was welcomed by the Russian-speaking population. Draught beer overpasses bottled beer by its flavor profile; hence, the beer dispensed into PET bottles was of great demand (especially in the summer time).

Germans, however, treat beer in plastic containers with skepticism. Traditionally, beer is dispensed into glass bottles or poured outright into glasses and jugs. Therefore, we use PEGAS CrafTap equipment to dispense beer for the local population.
PEGAS CrafTap fully accounts for specificities in dispensing freshly brewed beer that exist in Germany and, therefore, is of great demand among the brewers that would like to dispense the beverage into glass bottles.

We invite Germans to our “Russian” shops where they can test the quality of beers dispensed into PET and find out that this type of containers is not worse than glass.

Acquisition of innovations always requires time, but I am sure that correct marketing strategies and PEGAS equipment, alongside with the beer shops equipped with PEGAS devices will prove successful.

PEGAS equipment promises great potential for the German market. These high-quality products are able to compete with the goods manufactured by European enterprises."

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