PEGAS extends borders!

In April 2012 Russian manufacturer of PEGAS beer dispensers has signed dealership agreement with "Krasavchik S.L" company, which will present PEGAS products on the territory of Spain.

Management of "Krasavchik S.L" believes that the key potential clients for PEGAS devices in Spain — are big beer companies, private breweries and also owners of big restaurant or fast-food chains.

Managing director of "Krasavchik S.L" Ivan Dzyuban tells about specific nature of Spanish beer industry and about opportunities for PEGAS on the local beer market.

"I have been living in Spain for a long time to study all features of local beer market. I am sure that Spanish businessmen will be interested in beer dispensers PEGAS. Taking into account the mentality of locals and specific character of market I believe that PEGAS NovoTap+ и PEGAS CrafTap devices will be in demand."

Spain is the land characterized by a huge number of bars and restaurants, and also endless flow of tourists. I believe that owner of every bar will be happy to get an extra competitive advantage and namely this opportunity not only to pour beer into mug but also to fill in a PET bottle which can be take home. If clients like some beer, he is of course willing to take a couple of bottles home. That means an additional profit for bar. And that all can be carried out by the means of PEGAS NovoTap+ which can fill not only in PET but also in beer mugs. I think this is a universal solution.

PEGAS CrafTap — device for filling into glass bottles will be without beyond all doubt popular by brewers, owners of well-established restaurant or bodega (a company with focus filling). This device has a stylish design and adorns every bar’s interior. Moreover the beer filled into glass bottle has quite a hint of exclusivity. Glass is a noble type of package where is usually poured elite beer sorts. That means PEGAS CrafTap is a good solution for selling of expensive beer sorts.

The Spanish like football a lot; this is one of their most significant events. Besides this it is quite common to drink beer not at home but at some official places. People get together in big cliques in bars and cheer for favorite team. During this beer flows like water. And when it is time to go home, I think, many would like to take this fresh beer home. And exactly at that moment PEGAS devices are needed!

Also Spain is famous with its carnival and fiesta, and all these events attract a crowd of locals as well as tourists. These events are surly a holiday and the climate in Spain is very hot — these to facts make beer the most popular drink.

I would like to emphasize that beer in Spain is extremely popular. That is quite a common thing for the Spanish to drink a whole mug of beer at lunch (the Spanish usually have lunch in bars and restaurants).

Summing up all mentioned above I think beer dispensers PEGAS are what the Spanish market is already awaiting a while long. The PEGAS product range has a very good opportunity.

I wish "Novosibirskprodmash" will make further progress and launch exciting novelties!"

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