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Manufacturing devices under the PEGAS header has been the key area of work for NPM Group since 2004. PEGAS devices are designed for fast foam-free dispensing of beer and other foamy beverages from kegs into smaller packaging (PET and glass bottles, jugs and glasses).

PEGAS products open up unique opportunities to distributors of beer equipment, to retail shops that sell draught beer and foamy beverages, to brewers, to service operators that deliver foods and drinks, to amateurs of beer.

PEGAS Simultaneously Solves Several Tasks:

  • It makes the dispensing process 3-4 times faster when compared to the standard valve dispensing;
  • It excludes appearance of foam during dispensing;
  • It lowers spillage of bear while dispensing.

However, PEGAS is not merely a device. It is an entire technology protected by patents of the Russian Federation, it has received numerous awards at Russian and international trade exhibitions. PEGAS is based on backpressure method — prior to dispensing, the bottle is filled with gas at pressure equal to pressure in the keg. The method ensures foam-free dispensing of beverages and preserves their initial characteristics. On the basis of this technology, NPM Group has designed a range of other products that solve problems related to dispensing foamy beverages from kegs and united them under PEGAS brand name.

PEGAS devices are easy to operate and require no specific training of personnel.

Pegas website

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