NPM Group and Society

Today, during stabilization period, the time has come when enterprises start showing concern for something more important than their own profit. Each company thinks of community integration, envisages interests and needs of society being incorporated into the daily work of the enterprise. NPM Group fully shares this positive tendency of our times.

NPM Group and Ecology

We realize what a great damage the industry has already caused to the Planet. We, therefore, think that every industrial enterprise should cater not only for its commercial success, but also for ways of ceasing the negative impact of industry on environment.

When building the plant, we designed our manufacturing units in such a manner that they would cause no harm to nature.


Promoting Business

We are confident about success and prosperity of our clients and come up with solutions that are intended to improve efficiency and profit-earning capacities of their business.

We know how to organize a successful and profitable business, and are happy to share our knowledge. Any of our products will make your business easy to launch.

Our propositions are gainful and reliable to implement! Numerous awards received at exhibitions and fora, as well as feedback received from our clients support this statement at its best.


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