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We know how to organize a successful and profitable business, and share our knowledge with pleasure. Any of our products will make your own business easy to launch.

Beer Business with PEGAS

Beer Business with PEGASBeer is not just a tasty drink, but a great source of profit. Several options are available today when it comes to launching your own business involving this popular beverage.

It is possible to set up a beer shop where draught beer would be sold “take-away”; it is possible to dispense beer in a restaurant or a bar; it is possible to open a microbrewery or even a beer factory.

Minimal investment, quick payback and high profitability make the business of selling dispensed beer very attractive.

NPM Group offers the PEGAS product line of devices for foam-free dispensing of beer – a perfect solution for retail beer sales.

Dispensing Milk with MilkBox

Dispensing Milk with MilkBoxMilkBox has been created to provide consumers with fresh natural milk quickly and at affordable prices.

What MilkBox offers to milk-processing companies is:

  • New distributional channels and format of sales;
  • Economic packaging and cost-effective logistics, shipment in large consignments that simplifies sales;
  • Increase in sales;
  • Vivid advertising: the company’s logo is pasted at the surface of the entire machine;
  • Rapid time to value and a fair return.

What MilkBox offers to supermarkets is:

  • A unique offer! No fresh milk is being dispensed in the neighboring store yet!
  • Guaranteed pasteurization of milk at the plant — flawless reputation of the supermarket;
  • Optimized use of sales premises;
  • Means of attracting new customers.

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