International forum "Beer-2011" (Sochi, Russia): beer market is in the phase of stable growth

May 18-21, the city of Sochi (Russian Federation) held XX anniversary international forum "Beer-2011" and festival "The sea of beer in Sochi".

This trade show again became the meeting place of suppliers and manufacturers of this foamy beverage, it was also a successful platform for promoting your brand and also attracting professional specialists to the product.

Trade Show-2011 significantly grew compare to 2010, adding exhibiting areas (2700 sqm.), increasing number of companies and countries taking part.

"Novosibirskprodmash" – Russian manufacturer of the equipment for foamless beer dispensing PEGAS, traditionally took part in this key event.

Marketing and Business Development Director of "Novosibirskprodmash" Sergey Chirva noted: "We are taking part in this trade show already for the 5th time. In Russia it is a huge and keg event for beer industry, you can see here practically all the giant key players of the market, Russian and foreign manufacturers and suppliers of beer and equipment.

Unlike other specialized trade show, "Beer-2011" does not slow down, but rather grow from year to year. If in last year the forum was held in 2 halls, this year there are already 5. The general level of the trade show has also risen, exhibitors booths became more entertaining".

"Novosibirskprodmash" has demonstrated to the specialist of the beer industry its equipment for foamless beer dispensing from kegs, PEGAS. Besides all known equipment like PEGAS Classic and NovoTap, company's booth has also featured long awaited novelties like: foamless dispensers PEGAS Steel and PEGAS EcoTap. Everybody were welcome to try out equipment at operation.

Alexander Bobkov, Sales Director of "Raush" ( one of the distributors of "Novosibirskprodmash") says: "Our company has already purchased a batch of these novelties – PEGAS EcoTap and PEGAS Steel. PEGAS EcoTap, of course has lucrative price of – lover than 2000 rubles! So far there are no other quality equipment with the same level of pricing.

PEGAS Steel personally has given me trust. Product has steel body, simple mechanism, convenient operation. I believe this product is created for real professionals.

We will see how novelties will show their performance and operation and what comments we will have from our clients, first purchases has been made already".The tendency to dispense beers into glass bottles, that has started last year is still continuing. For this purpose we have created a few years ago PEGAS CrafTap ( note: device for dispensing beer into glass bottles).

From the beginning this product was focused on the foreign markets, which is closely connected to the beer consuming culture. PEGAS CrafTap is successfully working in Germany, Austria, Czech, Israel, Finland, Switzerland, USA and now this equipment is gaining its popularity in Russia. This is explained by the growing numbers of private microbreweries, that are brewing relatively expensive beer brands. As the Brewmasters say, to pour a premium brand beers into PET bottles is not a very smart decision, because this kind of packaging is not proper to the beverage that would be inside. So this is the main reason for growing interest into dispensing with glass bottles.

Due to numerous comments and request of foreign customers, specialists of "Novosibirskprodmash" have came up with flow switch control for PEGAS CrafTap, flow control switch named – PEGAS CraftPad, which will lets you dispense up to 4 different beers. PEGAS CraftPad  is a essential solution for PEGAS CrafTap at today's market. Flow Control Switch ( manifold) was presented to the beer society and received positive evaluation.

Forum "Beer-2011" has showed that beer market is growing and developing. Specialists of "Novosibirskprodmash" noted that in 2010 market was relatively "slow", and right now we are feeling positive trend already. Manu companies has presented novelties of their equipment at this trade show, new beer brands, and this means the market is moving forward. There has appeared a tendency for enlarging, there are more and more networks emerging, and not recently it was still quite rarity. Forum has visited representative of beer networks, which account for 30-40 stores.

Weak players are leaving, professionals are staying, which are aiming for successful and stable business. In terms of more harsh competition, entrepreneurs are trying to increase sales and gain bigger markets share – by working out an effective strategy of development, improving service, forming company's positive image and creating own brands and style. For large entrepreneurs public image and reputation are top priorities, because they are the base of successful business. Professionalism is everywhere, including choice of equipment for beer kiosks. Entrepreneurs, aiming for the result, understand that using knock offs will sure bring to lost of business reputation and problems with the law. That is why they are choosing for their beer stores only authentic equipment, and this is directly shown in decreasing numbers of using counterfeit equipment.

"Novosibirskprodmash", in its turn, is aiming to meeting all market needs and keeping it up to date by offering constantly new novelties. Our line of dispensing equipment has machinery for every choice and budget.

To sum up , we can say the market is stable, it is growing, becoming more and more professional and civilized. Beer sales are going on a higher quality level.

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