PEGAS CrafTap 2.0 was presented to specialist of American beer industry

"Novosibirskprodmash" company has taken part in the most significant event in American beer industry — "Craft Brewers Conference & BrewExpo America 2012" (CBC-show). The CBC-show took place in San-Diego (the USA).

PEGAS CrafTap 2.0 was presented to specialists — that is new generation of beer filling devices into glass bottles PEGAS CrafTap. The construction of counter pressure filler has essential modifications — novelty is fitted with new strengthened bottle fixing mechanism. Besides this CrafTap 2.0 fills beer not only in bottle but also in usual beer mugs, what offers you additional advantages.

Marketing and business development director of "Novosibirskprodmash" Sergey Chirva says:

"The show was pretty active; we think that it was more than 500 visitors."That is nice to notice, that on CBC-show with every year we meet less and less people who don’t have idea what PEGAS is. Compared to the previous years when American beer industry just only started to see over these products, their concept, this year the most has either already seen PEGAS products or read about it and are quite ready to get it for the business.

Product range PEGAS definitely attracts interest by American brewers. At CBC-show a lot of our clients ever have bought PEGAS devices are recommending them to colleagues. In the USA currently is working a heap of successful beer shops fitted with counter pressure fillers PEGAS."

American audience shows permanently growing interest in beer filled in PET. Representatives of official distributor PEGAS in the USA "Pegas Dist Group USA" (also owners of beer shop "The Growler Station" in New York) are commenting:

"At the beginning people treated the beer in PET-bottles very cautiously, but generally curiosity does down and they decided to experiment. Then the customers who have tested beer in PET usually come back again and again. PET is cheaper, more hygienic, it easier to carry, and quality of beer filled in PET is on the same level as in glass. Furthermore you don’t need to have growler all the time with you — you can take fresh filled craft beer every time you want, even if you don’t process bottle with you!"

American beer market is still very young; brewer’s society is building currently very active. Small breweries attract clients experimenting with tastes and styles adding in beer unusual or strictly local produced ingredients.

"American beer market ridiculously differs from Russian. It is more aesthetically pleasing. Brewers improved their skills, constantly inventing new beer sorts, and now beer in the USA is seen as such sort of products like wine in Italy. Here you can find a lot of people who can understand its worth, they are really gourmets.

If in Germany the brewery industry has roots dating back to the turn of the centuries, so in America this industry is pretty young. Brewers are not afraid of experimenting and successful experiments 3-5 years old are now the classic of American beer. Brewery sector in the USA is growing up" — says Sergey Chirva.

American PEGAS distributors are also noticing, the brewery industry is now at its blossoming and will experience its further boom in the nearest future. "Dynamic development in brewery sector means that always new beer shops are being opened, and that means PEGAS products have a good opportunity in America", say representatives of "Pegas Dist Group USA".

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