DRINKTEC 2013: PEGAS does tap beer with no foam!

DRINKTEC is the leading trade fair for the beverage and liquid food industry which has been held since 1951. The principal goal of this event is establishing business contacts and transacting business at the national and international level; therefore this trade fair is an ideal place for meeting clients and partners. About two thirds of the visitors represent the brewing industry.

At DRINKTEC the NPM Group has represented its well-known and internationally recognized defoamers the PEGAS CrafTap, the NovoTap, the NovoTap+, as well as the PEGAS Dragon column. The trade fair visitors were also interested to see our new product — a portable beer dispensing system called PEGAS Sputnik.

Tatyana Armyanova, Regional Manager: "That is such a grand occasion in the world of beverage industry! This year, there have been about 1,400 exhibitors from 70 countries with over 60,000 visitors from 170 countries attending the fair held at an area of 140,000 m²! Importantly, DRINKTEC participants represented their own equipment in action; visitors and experts could see comprehensive solutions demonstrating the complete product manufacturing cycle. The exhibition halls were devoted to about 8 topics and the visitors and exhibitors could not only exchange their contact information, but also discuss the matters of strategic development of the market at special-purpose forums and workshops.

Our partners attended this event, too. VP Trading, which is one of our German representatives, shared a booth with us. PEGAS dealers from other countries — Australia, Czechia, and Italy — represented their companies in Hall А1 dedicated to facilities and accessories for the food industry.

We succeeded in holding a number of productive meetings with our existing clients and making new deals. The lively interest to PEGAS products was very pleasant to us and quite surpassed our expectations! We even discovered a new side to one of our products — clients from Italy saw the PEGAS CrafTap as an excellent solution for dispensing sparkling wines".

As we expected, our new product PEGAS Sputnik caused a great excitement in the HoReCa circles.

The PEGAS NovoTap, which is quite well-known on the European market, has also enjoyed popularity: the visitors asked to demonstrate it in action many times, admiring the way it dispenses 2 liters of beer in just 60 seconds.

This year’s trade fair has attracted people from all over the world (there were even visitors from the Philippines and Congo), which helped us take opinions about PEGAS products and chances for their introduction into the market as well as about problems that may arise in the online mode. German beer lovers traditionally prefer beer in glass bottles, so the PEGAS CrafTap is still a priority product for this market. In the developing countries, where beer vendors are interested in selling it at the lowest possible price but with the quality preserved, dispensing beer in polyethylene bottles is more popular, and so the PEGAS NovoTap can be used. And in any event, there are products for any market and price segment in the PEGAS product range!

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