Draft beer to go — now in Brazil!

"NPM Group" presented at the tradeshow "Brazil Brau 2013" to Brazilian beer society innovative PEGAS devices for beer dispensing from keg.

"PEGAS systems are well-known and have been gaining increasing popularity among brewers across the world. Outlets equipped with PEGAS counter pressure fillers successfully work in the USA, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Israel, Finland, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand etc. Owners of beer outlets already experienced PEGAS working, especially recommend the system to colleagues.

Nowadays we decided to present PEGAS to Brazilian beer society. Brasilian beer market is large and dynamic, so our innovative product got attention of many brewers", say representatives of "NPM Group".

All PEGAS product range are basically considered to be fillers for fast and foam free dispensing of beer or other carbonated beverages in retail.
Uniqueness of PEGAS technology consists in ability of using the benefits of industrial dispensing of foamy beverages in retail stores.

PEGAS systems allow:

  • To fill fourfold faster as compared with an usual beer tap, what increases beer outlet revenue;
  • To avoid foam building while filling;
  • To reduce significantly beverage wastage while filling what allows to serve elite sorts "to go";
  • To keep primary beverage quality;
  • To ensure hygienic process while consumer service.

Counter pressure fillers PEGAS are easy-to-use and doesn’t require extra staff training.

If you want to start your own successful and profitable business – became PEGAS dealer! Please apply here.

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